Welcome to the Bioinformatics group of INSA Lyon!

Our informal team was recently constituted. Presently active members:

Sam Meyer
Microbiologie, Adaptation et Pathogénie (MAP, UMR5240)
Bâtiment Lwoff, 10 rue Dubois, Villeurbanne

Patrice Baa-Puyoulet
Nicolas Parisot
Biologie Fonctionnelle, Insectes et Interactions (BF2I)
Bâtiment Pasteur, 20 av. Einstein, Villeurbanne

For your bioinformatics computations, use the Galaxy instance hosted at INSA Lyon!
Locally developed as well as standard tools are available on a 16-core server with 32GB memory, accessible to all users, and located in the BF2I lab.

patrice.baa-puyoulet(at) (administrator);
sam.meyer(at) (scientific coordinator)

Our activity is supported by a 2016 BQR grant from